Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Return of the Mac?

Ernest Turro has plotted Apple's quoted sales figures for the Mac. Things are looking very positive, although as a comment rightly points out, things may not be as positive as they may first seem (the growth in real terms over the last year is close to 7.8%, or 1.35% in the last four years).

Basically, Apple are on course to achieve a 2.5% market share in the next year or so - up from 1.8% around four years ago. With the introduction of Tiger and the Mac mini, this is more than likely to accelerate.

This is still likely to remain a small fraction of the Windows market (or Linux, for that matter) unless Apple get on top of their poor development environment. (It is no coincidence that Windows sales were directly proportional to sales of early version of Visual Basic).

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