Thursday, December 08, 2005

Windows Live Local

Microsoft have retired Virtual Earth and rebranded it Windows Live Local. They have also added the Bird's Eye View. For example, here is a shot of the entrance to our US HQ (the topmost building).

Apart from a few minutes fun looking at familiar sites, this is a poor application. The controls are limited when in Bird's Eye View etc. As a competitor to Google Maps, it does okay. However, it just does not have the wow factor of Google Earth.

Note that Microsoft have updated their Location Finder application to version 2.0.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Search Preview Add-in for MSN Search Toolbar

Here is a useful addition for MSN Search Toolbar: Search Preview Add-in for MSN Search Toolbar. This builds thumbnail previews of search results. It can speed up searches since it pre-fetches the pages and gives a detailed preview.

Find it on MSN Search Toolbar with Windows Desktop Search Add-ins. (Also note Windows Live Favorites Beta.)

Sunday, December 04, 2005

MSN Messenger Encarta and BBC TV bots

Here is an interesting applicaiton of MSN Messenger. Add contacts for

The first allows you to query Microsoft's Encarta service with questions such as "What is MSN Messenger?" Answer: "MSN Messenger is the application you're using to communicate with me. :)"

The second will allow you to ask about BBC TV listings.

From: News and views on IM, Presence and RTC Technologies.