Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Herb Sutter's OOPLSA Keynote

Herb Sutter's OOPLSA Keynote: Concrete Languages on Virtual Platforms (C++/CLI).

"From the JVM to .NET, virtual machine runtime environments with garbage collection are now the mainstream of computing rather than the exception, and they are here to stay. Microsoft has bet its medium-term future on it: The successor to Win32 as the API for Windows Longhorn is WinFX, which is based on today's .NET Frameworks and puts the garbage-collected VM squarely at the heart of a major operating system. In this talk, the lead architect of C++/CLI talks about the importance and viability of environments based on virtual machines and garbage collection, even for performance-driven applications, and demonstrates the challenges and rewards of evolving existing performance- and hardware-oriented languages to operate seamlessly and with first-class status in modern virtual environments."

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