Thursday, November 04, 2004


No, this post is not about IBM's IDE by the same name. It's about a more serious application: Eclipse for the Microsoft Smartphone by Alien Invention.

Eclipse has been installed on my Orange SPV C500 (the HTC Typhoon -- aka i-mate SP3, aka Audiovox SMT5600) for nearly two months and I've been addicted ever since. I really love retro games and Smartphones are a perfect platform.

By the way, could this phone be any cooler? Messenger, Internet Explorer, Media Player (I have a 512 MB miniSD card so use it as an "emergency" MP3/WMA player), easy synchronization, Pocket Streets 2005 and last, but not least, the .NET Compact Framework to play with (for example, see Chandu Thota's blog on the Joy of Location with MapPoint Location Server).

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