Friday, November 19, 2004

blinkx and Smart Folders


blinkx 2.0 has a cool Smart Folder feature.

"Smart folders are intelligent folders that automatically and persistently update their content as new information becomes available. Smart folders build over time and can be based on the actual ideas contained within the content of those files, and not on select keywords.

"Smart folders within blinkx have been applied to all data types, including: pictures, music, video, text and Web pages. blinkx enables fast automatic indexing and linking of desktop documents, including: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint presentations, Excel worksheets, Adobe Acrobat PDFs, contact information from Outlook, Outlook Express, and Eudora, HTML pages and text documents, as well as Web and news content. blinkx 2.0 also extends the range of formats that blinkx can understand to include all popular multimedia formats such as: MP3, AAC (iTunes), WMV, MPEG, Real, AVI, QuickTime MOV, TIFF, GIF, JPEG, Zip files and BMP.

"You can set smart folders to check for new content on the Web, TV or news and trickle download them unnoticed into your smart folders. You can then view them even when you are off line."

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