Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Keima Limited

It's been a hectic, but exciting, few months. The exciting part comes from founding a new company with three colleagues (Richard Edge, Dr Steve Margetts and Dr Rupert Rawnsley). Our company is called Keima (pronounced /KA-ma/) after a figure (which we've carried through to our logo) in the Chinese game of Go. The keima is both strong and flexible and is similar to the knight's move in chess.

We're a telecommunications and software company based in Cardiff, Wales, UK. Between us we've more than 35 years experience in wireless engineering and optimisation. We will offer solutions to help telecommunication providers deploy new and potentially disruptive wireless technologies with the minimum of fuss.

We've got the beginnings of a website at www.keima.co.uk and will soon be adding lots of content. Now that we are up and running, I hope to get back to routine blogging.

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